Thursday, July 9, 2009

30 Weeks!!

So, if you look at either of my rotating babies on the right hand side of the screen (scroll down some!) you'll notice that I now have 9 weeks and 6 days left. Um, SINGLE DIGIT WEEKS!!! I am allowed to get excited about that, right? ;) That's a milestone in my book! Anything getting down to a single digit is a milestone!

Where on earth is the time going? We found out we were pregnant shortly after the New Year in January. I think it was the 5th, maybe. The only people we told were Audra and my doctor. I had tested very quickly before church one morning and Mom & Dad's house. I had been a little late, but I wasn't sure about whether my timing was right or not, so we bought some tests on our way to their house and decided to test after my Dad's 50th birthday party that was on Saturday night. I truly didn't think it would be positive that Sunday morning, but I decided to check and make sure. I left the test on the bathroom counter and went and had some breakfast. Halfway through breakfast I decided I better go look at it! So I politely excused myself and walked back there and nearly fell over. It was a tiny pink line. Very light. But it was a 2nd was definitely there. In shock, I sat down on the bed to regain my composure (I was crying!) and trying to figure out how to tell Judd. I hadn't expected it to be positive or I would've told him I was taking it! So I walked back in the kitchen and finished my breakfast - without ever letting on that I needed to tell him something.

When he and I were finished, I said, "Well, we need to go get ready for church. Judd, will you come help me really quickly?" Reluctantly, he got up and followed me back to our bedroom. When we were out of sight from anyone, I grabbed his arm and started pulling him. I pulled him straight into the bathroom and held the test up. I was already crying again - and I was so unsure of what he was going to say. All he did was SMILE. I waited....and waited...until I finally (in desperation) said, "DO YOU SEE THE 2ND LINE?!" He said, "Yeah! So we're gonna have a baby?!" FINALLY. He understands! We hugged and I cried and Judd sat with a bewildered look on his face for quite a while. Imagine how hard it was for us not to tell anyone! We couldn't leave any paraphenalia (did I spell that right?) of the test in Mom's house because she'd be sure to find it! So everything was zipped up in a front pocket of my bag.

Later, Judd had left and I was helping Audra clean up the table from lunch while everyone else napped. I had to tell someone. I HAD to. As I picked up a plate, I said, "Audra, I'm pregnant." Audra nearly dropped the plate she had in her hand. Her mouth fell WIDE open and her eyes were huge. I waited for a lecture or a WHY?! or anything in between, but she was genuinely happy for us...which I needed - because to be honest - I was very unsure about this whole ordeal. I had just finished my first semester of nursing school and actually passed with good grades! Ha!

I have a tendency to draw out stories to very lengthy editions...whoops. I just realized how long that was! Sorry! Well, there's the gist. The praying came after we found out. We prayed and prayed and prayed. I prayed about my situation with school. I prayed about our small house. I prayed about Judd's job. I prayed that our parents wouldnt' KILL us. lol. (Actually, they were all extremely supportive and genuinely excited, much to my surprise!)

So - I wrote all that to say, here we are...less than 10 weeks to go. I get to see her beautiful face and hear that sweet cry that will probably wake me up for the next several years. But I don't mind. She needs me. And truly, God knew what he was doing when He sent her to me. So without further adieu, here's what she's doing this week besides getting excited about seeing her Mom & Dad. :)

30 Weeks

  • She's 16.5 inches long! (Some books say 17, but the majority say 16.5!)
  • A little over 3lbs is the average weight right now...I wonder if she'll be a chunk like her daddy...he was 11 lbs!!
  • Her eyes are now wide open when she's awake. Although her view is bleak, she still can sense light! When she's born her vision will be 20/400! That means she can only see things very close to her face.
  • Her fingernails and toenails are complete!
  • She is now starting to shed her lanugo (the fine hair that was all over her body)! Her brain can now control her body temperature, so the hair is no longer needed!
  • Her brain is starting to wrinkle and fold! This is great!

And that's pretty much her life in there! :) I'll get Judd to take a picture tonight, hopefully!


  1. I loved reading this story again. That DOES seem like it was just a few weeks ago...maybe even 2 months ago. Certainly not 9 months!

    Love you!

  2. i found your blog through your sister's. i'm now addicted to blogging! i was brittany little in high school so i'm sure you remember me. :)

    congrats on having a baby girl!!

  3. Hey Brittany! Of course I remember you! Yes, blogging is very addictive! :) I'll add you to my list!