Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Did I happen to mention....

that I'm super huge and pregnant - and my AIR CONDITIONER BROKE TODAY?! Please...someone tell me that's not the worst luck ever. I've lived for 23 years...and my air conditioner chooses the ONE year in my life that I'm pregnant to break...in the hot MS summer. Someone upstairs must've been mad at me or something. I'm literally sitting in my house, sweating. BUT a perk of being pregnant...people feel sorry for you! The air conditioner man came at 5:30pm (it broke at 12pm!!!) and said the piece he needed to see was frozen so I was going to have to let it thaw out. My thoughts went something like this... "Oh my gosh. How am I possibly going to stay in this house ALL NIGHT LONG with no air conditioning?! I'm going to die." And I guess the air conditioner man could see all of that in my face. That sweetheart is coming back here at 10pm to fix it. I could have kissed him! (But he probably wouldn't have appreciated that...so I didn't.)

I also had to CRY my way through customer service with Cellular South today. I literally boo hooed. I even mentioned that I'm hugely pregnant with no air conditioning in MS in the middle of my gasps for air and blubbering. I was so frustrated with this cellphone business. All I need is a phone that works! How is that so difficult?! Did you realize that buying a phone without renewing your contract is $300-$400?! Yeah, who can afford that these days?! Especially when they give me piece of poo phones to begin with. Anyway - I ended up crying (not sad crying...MAD crying) my way up to a Cellular South supervisor who then offered to go ahead and let me renew my contract early - and pay the renewing contract price on a new phone if I would stay with Cellular South. I agreed. I simply did not want to pay full price for another phone. Yay!

Did I mention that my dog has an infection in his ear and had to go to the vet today? He does...and he did. Luckily, my vet also felt sorry for me (could have been the swollen eyes from crying, sweat, or just the general disheveled look that did it?) and gave me "liquid gold" to hopefully clear up Oakley's ear in no time. Thank goodness.

Now...if my air conditioner man would just come back over, we'd have a bad day that gradually got better....


  1. LOL. Sorry for your terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

    I suggest getting out on the OTHER side of the bed tomorrow.

  2. My AC broke last week, and even though I'm not quite as pregnant, it sucked. And do you know what it was that broke the AC? A freaking EARWIG.

    Anyway...I hope your AC is now blasting away the cool air!