Thursday, July 16, 2009

Easy Schmeasy Picture Editing!

I'm sure you've all heard of Picnik Photo Editing. But for anyone who hasn't, I thought I'd share! We all love to make our pictures look a little more photographer-esque but not everyone is Photoshop savvy. I can barely do anything on Photoshop! But Picnik has some really great (beginner, obviously) features that are really easy and can spruce up your pictures! There's a "Premium" service that you can pay for ($25.00 for a year) but there are also some FREE features that do some cool things. Just thought I'd share for anyone interested! You can also make some cool collages and it's super easy!

I played with this picture of my Mom that I took with my camera at Drew's birthday party because she was in focus, and the background was already slightly blurry - plus she had on a really colorful shirt! :) Thanks, Mom for being my picture guinea pig!



I know it's still looks kinda different, but I did it in about 20 seconds to put on here. I rounded the edges, did a black blur around the edges (vignette it what it was called, I think) and did something to the color to "boost" it. It's definitely not perfect, but it's just an example of some things you can do easily without Photoshop.



  1. Hey! I bought the 55-200mm with VR. So far I really love it! I am so glad it's Auto focus- the few times I've thrown it in manual, the results haven't been good.
    You are getting SOO close to Dday! I've been meaning to ask, will her name be pronounced Caro-line or Caro-lynn? I'm getting anxious for you.

  2. I have that lens, too! I'm glad it's autofocus too - when I zoom, I have trouble telling if I'm totally in focus or not. I've JUST started getting good at manual focus on my 50mm. It's harder than I expected!

    Her name will be pronounced Caro-line. We really were going for something that couldn't be mistakened, but apparently lots of people want to pronounce it