Wednesday, July 29, 2009

33 Weeks!

So, it's officially LESS THAN 2 months until my baby is in my arms. I'm getting more and more excited every day. We finished our childbirth class yesterday. It was fairly informative! The best part? Judd had to watch a video of a birth. It was ha-larious. I nearly died laughing AT HIM. He squirmed and made faces and closed his eyes. It was great. Afterwards, he texted my doctor (family friend) and said, "You DO NOT have to worry about me standing behind you AT ALL. The cord is all yours to cut too." Ha!! He's so squeamish. ;) Can't wait to see him change the first STINKY diaper. Smells are even worse for him!

Caroline moves a lot, everyday. They say she'll start to move less when she runs out of room. Apparently she's still content with plenty of room because I still feel her move a lot. Actually, she probably moves more now than she ever has. My active little girl!

My shower dates are set and I'm getting pretty excited about them! There's one in Senatobia August 9th, and one the next weekend here at home. Judd and I will know what we'll still need after that and I can officially have everything checked off my list. Nesting has DEFINITELY kicked in. I cleaned out (meaning, huge garbage bags full of stuff) THREE closets on Saturday. Then, I cleaned out our entire bathroom. Went through every drawer and cabinet and threw so much stuff away. I'm normally a pack rat "just in case" but I had to purge it all! If we weren't using it, I need the space - so out the door it went! I have to felt good. :) I think Judd liked it too. Now if only I could get this motivated with my laundry...

So - Caroline this week.
33 Weeks
  • HUGE NEWS: Her respiratory system is almost completely mature!!
  • Her pupils will constrict and dialate to light. That's cool!
  • She weighs about 4 1/2 lbs! My little girl is getting big. I can definitely feel her extra poundage in my belly. Moving is getting increasingly difficult.
  • She's about 17.5 inches long now!
  • She pretty much just stares into the dark, grabbing onto whatever she can touch. She lives a pretty boring life right now.

Here's my pictures. Yes, I'm covering my terrible stretch marks on my back. I love you all, but I just cannot bear to post pictures of my stretch marks. *sigh*

Next week I get my last ultrasound! I'm interested in seeing how big she REALLY is...and not just going by average weights! :) Have a happy week!


  1. You are just the prettiest preggo lady! Lookin' good, woman!

  2. wow you are so close!

    my MIL tells me all the time to name my baby Caroline-she loves that name :)