Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mouth Ulcers

Anyone know of a good cure for mouth ulcers? We've tried pretty much everything. Poor Judd now has 14 ulcers in his mouth at one time. We're taking any and all suggestions!


  1. Dentistry tip. Stop using CREST and switch to Colgate. I have seen it work every time. My hubby had them over and over and made the toothpaste switch and hasn't had an issue since.

    I'll check on the OTC medicine coctail he was given.

  2. Yes! My mom and brother get these. Rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide after every time you brush your teeth. That will give him immediate relief. Also, buy some acidipholis pills (they are in the vitamin section of any store). That will prevent him from getting more, as long as he takes it regularly.


  3. Ha! How did you know we use Crest?! Since you were right, we'll definitely get some different toothpaste and try that!

    Thanks for the tips! He woke up this morning with even MORE than he had last night. If there was ever a time when he seemed miserable, it was today!