Thursday, July 16, 2009

Drew's 1st Birthday Party!

So last weekend we celebrated Drew's 1st Birthday in true cowboy style! Dad even put on his cowboy boots! :) It was such a fun day, and needless to say, Drew was spoiled rotten by his family - as usual!

Of course, I uploaded them backwards, so you're going to start seeing the pictures at the end of the day, and work your way back. Ha! Sorry! I really don't feel like rearranging all these pictures so use your imagination!

He really liked the cake after he got over being dirty!

Blowing out the candle - with a little help from his mommy.

That is one bewildered look! He couldn't figure out why an entire room was singing to him!

Time to open presents!!

While everyone else snapped pictures of Drew, I snapped pictures of everyone else. It really cracked me up the way it looked like Drew was a celebrity, and the family is the paparazzi.

True paparazzi style!

Arriving with his Grammy! She purposely wore the shirt that she was wearing the day Drew was born! I thought that was so thoughtful!

Daddy carrying a HUGE present!
These pictures were really trial and error. I got a 50mm lens for my camera and it doesn't have an autofocus - so it's taken a lot of practice for me. These are mostly just the decorations with a few others mixed in! Photography is defintiely just a hobby...ha!

Yum! Grilled sausage and cheese squares!

Deda helping with preparations!
Mom cutting up the sausages!

The sweet table decorations! Audra did such a good job!

His sweet cake! Leaning or not, it was delish!

I love these containers!

Bandana napkins!

Cowboy boot garland!

So festive!
I have a ton of pictures from the day, but would you believe I didn't get a single picture of myself with the birthday boy? :( Sorry!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Drew has been such a blessing to all of us in the last year! We love you, little man!
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  1. Love the pictures! I'm gonna need those on a disc! I'm SO glad you could be there! Not too long from now, the paparazzi will be in Cleveland, MS!!