Wednesday, July 1, 2009

29 Weeks w/ Belly Pictures!

Only 11 weeks left until my due date! (I'm secretly hoping she comes right at 37 weeks - nice, fat, and healthy...which is only 8 weeks away!) This week went by quickly. I've heard that this trimester feels the longest - so I'm happy that so far, it hasn't seemed too bad!

Judd and I had fun setting up her nursery some more last night. (Updated pictures below!) The curtains are hung, her bedding is on, and her name is above her crib. I'm so ready for her to BE HERE and not just be poking me from the inside! Last night was the most movement I've EVER felt in one sitting. I kid you not, the girl didn't stop moving for one single second for over an hour. I almost got worried thinking, "I wonder if moving TOO MUCH can be a bad thing?!" Seriously, I didn't fall asleep until 3am due to her acrobatics. She was all over the place! I still love feeling her move, but they're definitely becoming a little more painful when she kicks/punches really hard. So far, the only time I feel like she's in my ribs is when I'm sitting down. I think tonight (that's when she's REALLY active) I'm going to try to take a video of my belly moving. It's actually a pretty weird thing to see. It looks like an alien is trying to break free from my stomach. :)

Well, Caroline actually has some impressive things going on this week! I'll share...
  • If Caroline were born today, she'd have a 9/10 chance of survival! That is some SERIOUSLY great news. (I actually had a dream that my water broke and I was only 30-ish weeks. I woke up before the end, but that was so realistic it was scary!)
  • Her brain can now control her breathing and body temperature.
  • She can now cough! How cute!
  • Her sucking abilities should now be perfected.
  • Her skin is becoming less wrinkled since she's packing on the pounds!
  • She now weighs about 3lbs! Yikes!
  • She is about 16 inches long! This means that she'll actually slow down on the length growing and focus more on beefing up with fat!

As you can see, she's been a busy girl. I literally CANNOT wait to hold her in my arms. Judd is so excited. He talks to her a lot now, and it's so cute. He's going to be SUCH a great daddy. When I used to see him with his nephews when we first started dating, I always thought how cute he was with him. He really loves kids - loves playing with them at any age, teaching them things, and even holding a sleeping baby. When Drew was born, Judd always wanted to take him and try to get him to stop crying. He was SO proud the day he bounced him to sleep when no one else could seem to do the trick. I knew then what a great daddy he was going to be! I can't wait to see him in action!

Hope this is a great week for everyone! PLEASE scroll down and look at my other posts. I posted twice yesterday!

The belly. It feels much bigger than it did a week ago. I don't know if it looks bigger to anyone else, but it definitely feels like it's different!

Proud Mommy in front of the crib. :)


  1. So cute. You look great!

  2. Love the pictures! I believe white girls are the 2nd best at thriving after birth (2nd to black girls), so an early delivery wouldn't be SO bad!

    ;) Glad you're doing well. You look FANTASTIC!