Wednesday, August 5, 2009

34 Weeks w/ Picture!

Houston, we have a head down baby! Yay! I reaaaaally hope that she doesn't decide to turn back around. Either way, for now, she's head down and ready to go! I was right about my guess of the body parts...and to think I guessed purely from where her hiccups were felt. You can just put M.D. behind my name...thankyouverymuch. :)

My hips have started hurting if I lay on one side too long. I noticed that in my nap today. I guess that means they're starting to prepare for birth! Ah! I can't say I'm not nervous. I wasn't nervous before...but the closer it gets the more nervous I become. My braxton hicks contractions have started coming with a little more zing to them...a tiny bit painful. Makes me nervous for what the REAL contractions will feel like. I'm definitely a wee bit apprehensive. Oh well! I'm not the first woman to go through it..and I won't be the last! I'll be long as Judd doesn't act like an idiot and try to make me laugh constantly instead of actually supporting me. lol. He's laughing as I type this saying, "There's a good chance I will..." ;)

Caroline looked GREAT on the ultrasound. It was so much different seeing her this time. Last time I saw her at the doctor's office, I could see her whole body in one shot. This time, the tech had to move all over my huge belly to give me shots of different body parts. It was so fun seeing her! I asked the tech to check just oooonnneee more time to make sure she was still a girl...and she is! I actually got a really good, clear picture but I'm going to refrain from posting her lady parts on the web. ;) She'll appreciate that later in life. Fluid looked good, doctor said she had a "beautiful heart" which of course made me fly, and she's approximately 5lbs!! That's right where she's supposed to be. If she continues to gain 1/2lb a week, that will put her at 8lbs at my due date. Obviously, there is a lot of fluctuation, but she's going to be a good sized baby!

34 Weeks
  • The soft hair that covered her body is almost completely gone now. Good...we didn't want her looking like Cousin It.

  • She now starts developing her own antibodies this week instead of relying solely on the placenta. That's pretty interesting!

  • She's about 17 3/4 inches long. Can you tell her length growth is slowing down and her poundage is moving up?!

  • As I said before, she's about 5lbs...which is exactly what my newsletter said she would be! That's as heavy as a bag of sugar!!

That's about all she's up to. So without further I am. In all my huge glory...


  1. You look beautiful! Tell Caroline she gets to be around her Aunt Audra this weekend...and her crazy little cousin! (I gotta come up with another name besides Audra. I like Dada.)

  2. The only problem, is that sounds a lot like what she'll probably call her Daddy for a!

  3. Not Daddy! Dah-Dah. Not daa daa!