Wednesday, August 19, 2009

36 Weeks & Finished Nursery!

Well, it's week 36. To say I'm uncomfortable would be the understatement of the year. Uncomfortable AND hormonal. Yes, "poor Judd" is right. I find myself getting angry very easily and I have to calm myself and step back and make sure it's something worth getting angry over. Nine times out of ten, it's not.

My sleep hasn't been great lately, and it's getting more and more difficult to even fall asleep. Even when I'm really, really takes me over an hour. There are things that I will miss about pregnancy. Like, feeling her movements (the unpainful ones), feeling her hiccups, the anticipation of meeting my first baby, etc. But - having said that - there are many more things that I won't miss. I'll list them here for your viewing pleasure.

I won't miss:
  1. Not being able to breathe because she's in my ribs.
  2. Her foot lodging itself in my ribs.
  3. Her fist punching me in the cervix.
  4. Peeing when I sneeze. Yes, I's disgusting.
  5. Having to sleep with a pillow between my legs because my hips and pelvis hurt so badly.
  6. Getting up to pee 128743398 times a night.
  7. My feet swelling.
  8. My cankles.
  9. The extra 26lbs that I've gained.
  10. The belly being in the way everytime I need to do something that requires bending over.

Those are just my top 10. I'm sure I could come up with more...but I feel like that would turn this post into a much more negative one than I need. I need to stay positive. I have 4 more weeks of this!

I owe you some I took some of Caroline's finished nursery. I'm pretty sure it's completely finished. There's not room for anything else, really! Her closet literally can't hold another piece of clothing. I was trying to push them all really far and cram more clothes in there...and they wouldn't move any further. So...we had to paint a chest of drawers and change the knobs on it so we'd have more space for clothes. Anyway, here is her nursery!

Her very full closet.

Our bags are (halfway) packed! Yay!

Her burp cloths!! I love them!
The shelf we hung above her chair. That wall really needed something! The teddy bear in the picture is one that Judd gave me alllllmost 5 years when we first started dating. :)
Her full room! The bassinet will be in our bedroom for her to sleep in for the first few weeks. The swing will probably end up in the living room!
The chest we painted and changed the hardware on. The signature mat is from my shower in Senatobia.

The majority of her room! Those are boppy pillows in her crib! I love them!
So there's her room. In all of it's glory! I think it turned out better than I originally expected, too! I'm very happy with it.
Caroline really isn't doing much in the next few weeks. She's perfecting her breathing and sucking abilities for life outside the womb, and she's gaining weight. And I'm gaining weight. And honestly, that's about it. She's supposedly 6lbs and about 18 inches long. It's really all one big guesstimate now! Her movements don't really include very many kicks anymore...but when she does kick - it's intense! She's still a head down baby! I've made a little progress so I'm anxious - but trying not to get too excited. :) Here's my big, fat belly picture. I really feel like she may have dropped but I have no medical basis for that. It feels like I'm carrying a bowling ball in between my legs...but ya know...what else is new?! ya go!

Sorry for the poor quality. I took this one myself. I think my belly looks a little more downward sloped than it did last week. :) If you disagree, don't tell me.
Here I am! I look really tired in this picture, probably because I am. But I'm always surprised how tired I look because I make a point to open my eyes a little wider and look a little cheerier. It doesn't help, apparently.
Have a happy week, everyone!

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  1. Everything is cute, you, the nursery, C's stuff! p.s. I still sleep with a pillow between my legs. I haven't gotten over that yet. Soon it will be over and you'll forget your even had any pains!