Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Most Unsafe Baby Product...Ever

Seriously...prepare yourselves. These should NOT be allowed to be sold. I literally gasped when I saw the pictures. I hope she gets shut down before something terrible happens.

Click here...


  1. Yikes. That's pretty bad. I understand the need for something to help with holding the pacifier, but I don't think this is the solution. She said it's "safe because I've been testing it on my son for 2 months!" And he sleeps with it, so it's not like she's sitting there watching him constantly on the floor to make sure he doesn't get strangled.

  2. Yeah. I gasped when I saw it!

  3. oh my! we are all frekaing out at work about that!! Audra, I loved that quote too..."safe because I've been testing it on my son for 2 months!" Ridiculous!!

    Kacie, you look so good! I cant wait to see Caroline!!


  4. Hi Kacie! This is off topic but -

    1. I am so happy for you and Judd and the family you are building together!

    2. The song that is on your blog - "When I Get Where I'm Going" - my cousin wrote that!! :-) Makes it very cool to hear the line about "walking with Grandaddy".

    I hope that you are well! It's lovely to see you and Audra on here and your lovely families!!