Monday, August 17, 2009


It's been a hectic week! My shower was Sunday so the family was coming and I wanted Caroline's nursery to be perfect when they got here. So...we had lots to do! It's safe to say that it's pretty much finished. I'll post pictures of it on Wednesday! It finally looks finished. We painted a chest and changed the hardware on it for some extra storage, and we put up a shelf on the wall for knick knacks. It definitely looks like a little girl's room!

Our shower on Sunday was amazing! We have such a wonderful church family. We really and truly feel so blessed to have these people care so much about our daughter that they were willing to spend their hard earned money on her. We KNOW times are we really do appreciate everything. My living room is in a current disaster state. I had JUST gotten it clean from last week's shower! Ha! Caroline is one lucky (blessed!) little girl. Clothes, diapers, baby gear, sleepers, socks, hats, diaper bags, you name it - she got it!

It was so weird to see my family and think, "The next time I see you - I'll be in the hospital having a baby!!" It really kinda blows my mind. It was all I was able to think about after they left.

On the pregnancy front, I've noticed more swelling in the last couple of days - but nothing too bad. Propping my feet up for a while makes it go away so that's good. It was funny Sunday to see my feet coming over the sides of my flip flops. Audra said I had "Dunlap disease of the feet." Just in case you don't know what that means...Dunlap Disease is when your belly "dun lapped" over your belt. Ha! So really, I have it of the belly and the feet!

In MONUMENTAL news...I finished all...yes...ALL of my thank you notes today. I took four hours and sat down and wrote all the ones from yesterday's shower. It felt good! I really wanted to get them all mailed out this week (from both showers) and it's safe to say that I met my goal. Post office trip tomorrow!

I have my doctor's appointment on Wednesday. I'm excited about it because I start going every week from now on! I'll be full term NEXT WEEK!! Oh my goodness. It is kinda scary to say that. In one way, that day can't here soon enough - but in another way - WHAT are we going to do with a small baby?! We don't know anything about babies! Ha! I have minor meltdowns every day with this thought. Judd and I are going to be parents...that's a little scary. Ha!

Well, I know I owe you some pictures from my showers - and I promise that I will post them this week. I PROMISE. But for right now, I've got to get to work (at 12am....ha!) on cleaning my living room. I just can't go to sleep another night with it looking like a tornado of baby gear came through it. Be watching for my picture updates and 36 week update! Yay!


  1. I saw some pictures from your sister's blog- you look great! Showers are so much fun!

  2. Aw thanks Leslie! The showers WERE fun! We got so much wonderful stuff!