Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I'm getting so excited about my baby showers coming up. There's one this weekend, and then one the next weekend! We're also having my (early) birthday party this weekend at Senatobia - and birthdays are always fun! :)

I can't believe that tomorrow I'll be doing my 34 week update. Is that insane to anyone else? Part of me feels like I've been pregnant FOR-EVER, but part of me feels like I shouldn't be in the last stretch either. Some days I just want to hold her and cuddle her and see her sweet face...and other days I'm terrified!

We go for an ultrasound tomorrow so please pray that everything goes well and she's still healthy and happy in there. As much as I'd like her to come on out, she needs at least a couple more weeks to fatten up and mature a little more. I'm really excited about the ultrasound. I'm ready to see her! I hope she's active during the ultrasound...I like to see her move!

Friday we're going to take Duke to training school. Judd will start harvesting in the next couple of weeks so he's gotten as far with Duke as he'll be able to for quite a while. I'm sad, but at the same time, this will keep Judd from coming home and immediately going to play with Duke (which is necessary!) after Caroline gets here while she's a newborn. Duke will come home around December. :( It's the same trainer that trained Reese before she got sick, and he's a REALLY nice guy. He actually felt so bad about what happened to Reese that he gave us Duke as a puppy without charging us. Anyway, Friday we go take Duke to Blue Springs, then we'll head to Southaven to hang out with the family before the shower and my birthday party.

I'm probably going to hang out in Southaven with my sister on Monday & Tuesday because Andrew is going out of town and she needs some company. It's going to be hard to not come straight home to hang up Caroline's new things though! Well, I'll update tomorrow after the ultrasound with my 34 week update! Hope you all have a wonderful, blessed day!

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