Wednesday, February 4, 2009

8 Weeks

I am 8 weeks today! So exciting!! Since we found out (3 weeks and some odd days) I have counted every new week as a milestone. Our chances of miscarrying decrease every week and I can't wait to get into the 2nd trimester so I can worry a little less. :) So let me tell you what will be going with my baby this coming week.

  • My baby is the size of a gummy bear!

  • Has joints like fingers, toes, elbows, & knees that he can wiggle!

  • Almost doesn't have a tail anymore!

  • He's developing eyelids

  • The ears, upper lip, and tip of the nose are recognizable!

  • His heart is beating twice as fast as our heart!
  • He is practicing moving!!

  • His stomach is being developed from part of his gut.

  • Teeth start to develop under his gums!

  • The pituitary gland is forming.

  • He is growing muscle fibers.

  • He now has his own blood type (interesting!) and the blood cells are now being produced by his liver instead of the yolk sac.

Sorry if you don't find any of this interesting! It will only happen once a week. :)

This is the book that I bought for Judd in hopes that he would read it and understand me a little better. Alas, he's had it for 2 weeks and has read 5 pages. Waste. of. money.

My 8wk bloat belly. Excuse the flash in the mirror! Sorry!

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  1. LOL. Have you guys done the Love & Respect bible study that's so popular right now? Just last night he was talking about the books that women buy for men that they never read!