Monday, February 16, 2009

Ah oh...

I really and truly have not cared whether it was a boy or girl until today. Let me tell you what happened...

So we go to church but Judd is an usher so we sit in the back...behind all the cute kids. There is one little girl that is 3 or 4 but she's really tiny for her age and she is absolutely adorable. Well, she was wearing a cute green dress with a white cardigan and a big white bow in her hair. Her fingernails were also painted pink! It was then that I decided...I want a girl. Whether it's this child or the next (or the next) I NEED a girl. lol. I bounce back and forth between thinking it's a boy or girl and I really have no gut feeling whatsoever. Please do not misunderstand me, I will love a boy to the ends of the earth! It's not necessarily the CHILD that I want...but the cute things that come with it! Dresses, bows, etc! I guess we'll see in about 8-10 weeks! Let's hope I can wait that long!

I'll be 10 weeks on Wednesday. Woohoo! Double digits! I'm finally starting to relax a little bit even though I've still got a few weeks before I can relax completely (or as much as possible after the 1st trimester!)

Well, I just wanted to update really quickly since I hadn't updated since last week. I've been feeling okay. I feel like I've gotten worse in the last week so I'm hoping it's the whole "gets worse before it gets better" type thing. Ha! I've been SO tired this week. I went to bed at 7:30pm one night! That hadn't happened yet! I've also been a bit more nauseous and food doesn't cure it! Noooo! I'm crossing my fingers that it will get better in the next couple of weeks. Well, I'm going to run some errands! Have a great day!


  1. "Let's hope I can wait that long." Do you have a choice?! lol!

  2. I told Audra today that your ultrasound will be here before you know it! I cannot believe it is already time for ours. Thanks for your sweet note! Feel better!