Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Week 7

Since I just announced the pregnancy at the end of week 7, to any of you who care, let me tell you what's going on with the baby! It's amazing how developed he is already. (And for the sake of not wanting to write he/she everytime, I will be referring to the baby as a 'he')
  • At the beginning of week 7, he starts out at 4-5mm from crown (top of the head) to rump (end of his "tail.") By the end of the week, he is 1/2 an inch long! That's a BIG growth spurt!

  • He has a two chambered heart divided into right and left sides.

  • He already has air passages in his lungs!

  • He has an appendix - not that it matters but HEY - he's got one!

  • He has cerebral hemispheres in his brain!

  • Eyes and nostrils are developing.

  • Intestines are developing.

  • The pancreas (produces insulin) is present! Amazing!

  • His arm buds are longer and are divided into a hand segment and an arm-shoulder segment.

  • The hands and feet have a "plate" where his fingers and toes will form!

I personally think that is amazing for something that is only 7 weeks old and is the size of a sweet pea to have so much going on already! I won't sugarcoat things though, he looks like a seahorse. ;)


  1. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! We're so, so excited for ya'll. It is unbelievably amazing how these sweet babies develop! They seem to grow and change even faster once they're born. I can't wait to read all about your pregnancy!